Revisions to Public Street Lighting and Private Outdoor  Lighting Electric Rate Schedules.

 Authorizing solicitation of proposals for refinancing all or a  portion of the state revolving  fund indebtedness of the  utility system of the Utilities Commission, City of New Smyrna  Beach, Florida

 Authorizing issuance of the Utilities Commission, City of  New Smyrna Beach, Florida  Utility System Revenue  Certificates, Series 2011 and the execution and delivery of  the  attached loan agreement in an amount not to exceed  $9,100,000 to finance the refunding  of certain outstanding  obligations; Authorizing the General Manager to accept a  proposal  for the purchase thereof; Approving the form of  loan agreement and payment of such  certificates from net  revenues from the utility systems; providing for repeal of    inconsistent provisions; providing for severability; and  providing an effective date.
For previous years prior to 2006
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