Resolution 1-09
 Further declaring the U.C.’s direction with regard to the  requirements of the Public  Utilities Regulatory Policies ACT (PURPA); Supplementing U.C. Resolution NO. 2-08
Resolution 2-09
 Revising Resolution NO. 8-05, Rules and Regulations for the Conduct of Meetings and the  Order of Business of the  Utilities Commission
Resolution 3-09
 Authorizing the acquisition of an easement property right in real property by eminent  domain for the public purpose of installing a potable 20" transmission water main
Resolution 4-09
 Declaring the Utilities Commission’s action, by a majority vote, regarding the  continuation of the provisions of communication services (Internet-Dial Up, Wireless,  Fiber)  by the Utilities Commission, City of New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Resolution 5-09
 Authorizing issuance of the Utilities Commission System Revenue Certificates, Series 2009  and the execution and delivery of the attached loan agreement in an amount not  to  exceed $20,250,000 to finance the refunding of certain outstanding obligations and the  acquisition and construction of capital improvements to the city's utility system
Resolution 6-09
 Revising the service fees rate schedule established by the Utilities Commission, City of  New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Resolution 7-09
 Revising the requirements and policy for underground service laterals serving existing,  and new residential customers
Proclamation - R. Rodi 7-09
 Recognizing Robert J. Rodi's (UC GM/CEO) exemplary job performance
Resolution 8-09
 Authorizing Revision of Joint Pole Use Agreement (Standard Agreement)
 (Note - No Change in Joint Pole Use Fees)
Resolution 9-09
 Revising the Internet Services Rate Schedule of the Utilities Commission, City of New  Smyrna Beach, Florida
Resolution 10-09
 Revising the rate schedule for all classes of customers utilizing the reclaimed/reuse  water system of the Utilities Commission, City of New Smyrna Beach, Florida
For previous years prior to 2006
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