Resolution 1-08
 Revising the Customer Deposit Policy for Electric, Water, Wastewater, Reuse/Reclaimed Water  and Internet.
Resolution 2-08
 Declaring the U.C.'s direction with regard to the Requirements of the Public Utilities Regulatory  Policies Act (PURPA).
Resolution 3-08
 Revising the public street lighting and private outdoor lighting electric rate schedule.
Resolution 4-08
 Establishing an interim net metering rate and policy.
Resolution 5-08
 Intent to create and provide a proposed easement in and over property currently owned by the  City of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, for the U.C.’s existing reclaimed water outfall  infrastructure  and associated facility located in the former wastewater plant site on the North  Causeway.
Resolution 6-08
 A grant from the Division of Emergency Management (DEM) approved by the Federal Emergency  Management Agency (FEMA) through the Hazard Migration Grant Program (HMGP) for wind  retrofitting of two UC facilities, and authorizing the execution of the grant agreement.
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