2015 Reclaimed Water Rules, Design and Construction Specifications PDF
Gate Valve DWG
Valve Layout at Tees and Services DWG
Valve Marker DWG
Tapping Sleeve and Valve DWG
Blow Off Valve Assembly DWG
Pipe Locating Wire and Tape DWG
Utility Separation DWG
Air Release Valve in Concrete Vault DWG
Joint Sealant DWG
Vault Structure Ring and Cover DWG
1" or 2" Short Side Reclaimed Water Service Stub Out DWG
1" or 2" Long Side Reclaimed Water Service Stub Out
Reclaimed Water Advisory Signs DWG

 * These forms have been modified to include the specific required information for projects within the Utilities Commission's service area.
DWG Files were created and saved in AutoCAD 2014.
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